Curved Crystal Series

     Pumo Spectrum is a high-tech company specializing in the development of X-ray diffraction curved crystals. We offer curved crystals made from various materials, including Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG), the Lithium Fluoride (LiF) series, Germanium (Ge), and Silicon (Si). Our expertise extends to the development of diverse curved, such as Johann-type, Johansson-type, logarithmic spiral, ellipsoid, and Von Hamos designs.

Curved crystals find extensive applications in monochromatic X-ray fluorescence excitation, simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, double curved crystal X-ray fluorescence measurements, high-resolution X-ray diffraction (HRXRD), as well as specialized X-ray curved crystal spectrometry and neutron diffraction.

At Pumo Spectrum, we provide comprehensive services ranging from the design and manufacturing to the testing of curved crystals. Additionally, we offer convenient curved crystal kits to assist our customers in rapidly developing instruments.



     The design of curved crystals is based on the principle of Bragg's law of diffraction, which states that when X-rays interact with a crystal lattice, diffraction phenomena occur. Through the careful selection of materials and the shaping of the curved crystal, the diffraction effects of X-rays can be precisely controlled, allowing for the focused reflection of monochromatic X-rays. Due to X-rays having a refractive index close to 1 for all materials, diffraction is one of the few methods capable of altering the direction of X-ray propagation, thus making curved crystals essential components in X-ray optics. Moreover, double-curved crystals can achieve precise point-to-point focusing of monochromatic X-rays.


     Pumo Spectrum has conducted thorough comparative testing and extensive research on a wide range of curved crystal materials, leading to a comprehensive understanding of their individual performance characteristics. With this knowledge, we are equipped to provide our customers with valuable support in optimizing their designs.

3.Configurations and Applications


Pumo Spectrum offers a wide range of curved crystals and has conducted comprehensive testing on various curved crystal configurations.

Besides three configuration above, Pumo Spectrum also undertakes the design, production, and integration of other types of curved crystals, such as ellipsoidal and Von Hamos configurations.


1.Curved crystals represent a significant advancement in X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) analysis. The curved crystals produced by Pumo Spectrum enable precise point-to-point focusing of monochromatic characteristic X-rays emitted from Cr, Rh, Ag, and Ce target tubes. By incorporating curved crystals, XRF analysis effectively reduces fluorescence background at the excitation end, resulting in detection limits that are one order of magnitude lower compared to traditional energy-dispersive spectroscopy. For instance, the detection limit for sulfur can reach below 1 ppm, complying with the ASTM D7220 standard.

2.At the emission end, the utilization of curved crystal monochromatic focusing further reduces detection limits for certain heavy elements to as low as 0.04 ppm.

3.When both the excitation and emission ends employ curved crystals, detection limits can be further decreased by 1-2 orders of magnitude compared to traditional energy-dispersive measurement methods. Sulfur analysis meets the ASTM 7039 standard, and detection limits for some elements can achieve the level of ICP-OES detection.

4.Curved crystals have significant application value in X-ray fine spectroscopic analysis, particularly in fields such as synchrotron radiation sources, accelerators, and heavy-ion detection. Additionally, curved crystals find utility in neutron diffraction. 


Pumo Spectrum provides comprehensive curved crystal kit services, encompassing design, production, and calibration, all packaged into a convenient solution. Customers only need to provide the X-ray tube and detector to get started. We are committed to delivering high-quality services and support, enabling customers to fully harness the advantages of curved crystal technology.